pro·to·col 30 DAY DETOX is a basic nutritional balancing program that does not require a hair mineral analysis.  The information found in the pro·to·col box is basic for a healthful lifestyle, diet and healing program that, in our experience, will actually heal over 50% of people’s symptoms, with nothing else added. It is the place to begin.  This approach to healing involves:

  • healthful lifestyle
  • specific type of diet
  •  nutritional supplements
  • detoxification procedures

The more you do of the program, the better will be the results.



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About s.e.l.f. Nutrition

Est. 2011

S.E.L.F. Nutrition based its fundamental principles to honor individual integrity. We believe that a well-balanced body performs on-going healing guided by the innate. This can result in natural detoxification, better quality of life and longer life.

advantages of pro·to·col 30-day detox

The program is integrated in a special way. For good results, follow it as it is laid out in the Diet & Procedures. pro·to·col 30 DAY DETOX does not involve working with a practitioner or doctor and does not involve a hair mineral test. This saves about $150 when starting out.

  • You can begin it today
  • You can try out Nutritional Balancing without the cost of Hair Analysis
  • If you do decide to change over to the personalized program, you’ll already have a good head start.

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7 download documents to accompany protocol 30 DAY DETOX