There is an alternate to taking medications for high blood pressure.

There are dozens of reasons why a person could be suffering through hypertension, and I never recommend supplements without knowing what’s going on with the minerals in the body.

  • I recommend a hair mineral analysis with a properly and personally designed supplement program for the individual.
  • I recommend whole food, vitamin and mineral supplements… nothing but the basics in the right ratios.

The program is intended to reduce the stress on the body overall. For many on this program, blood pressure normalizes… like mine which was too low, is now normal. This is the path I took, and it’s the only one that worked for me that wasn’t an herb (which contain toxic metals and provide a drug effect), or prescription drug. By the way, the program I’m speaking of is Nutritional Balancing. A person on a program like this tend to experience healing reactions which bring about permanent change.

Lifestyle, Food, Environment and Supplements are all addressed. The person HAS to change if they want a change in their body.

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