Seeing the changes from your first test is the fun part.

Retesting is the only way to know at a deep level if a nutritional balancing program is still appropriate and correct for a person. Also, only a retest will show what changes are needed in the diet, the lifestyle and the supplement program or other aspects of the program.

If a retest is postponed, progress may stagnate or worse, the nutritional program might further unbalance a person rather than move him toward better health. Many people believe that foods and nutritional supplements are harmless. This is not altogether true. For example, for a fast oxidizer metabolic type, B-complex vitamins can make a person’s anxiety worse! An improper diet or supplement program could also make a person even more depressed, in some cases. If toxic metals are in the process of being eliminated, one may require different supplements to support the body, a different detoxification regimen, or lifestyle changes to support the process. These are just a few examples of why retesting is so critical for the best results with nutritional balancing.


  1. Safety. Retests are needed to make sure the healing program is actually improving one’s health, rather than making it worse or having little positive effect. Safety is always the most important consideration in nutritional balancing science, and should be in all medical care as well.
  2. Maintaining a high vitality level. We find that when the nutrition program is set up to gently balance body chemistry, a person’s vitality increases dramatically. This is necessary for deep healing and spiritual development. Retesting regularly is the only way to assess whether the program is appropriate to maximize vitality and adaptive energy production.
  3. Addressing new stress factors in a person’s life. Retests allow us to alter a nutritional balancing program to account for all types of changes in a person’s lifestyle, diet, or any type of new situation that may possibly be affecting body chemistry. This is critical to assure the highest vitality level and a balanced body chemistry in the face of stressors of all kinds such as accidents, divorce, and even a new job or a move.
  4. Insights about puzzling symptoms. Many symptoms such as fatigue, pain, low blood sugar or others may be due to temporary changes in body chemistry that will be revealed on a retest. If one knows what is occurring at the deepest cellular level, one can take steps to compensate or change the program, which often relieves these symptoms. Symptoms may be physical, mental and emotional.
  5. Addressing latent and sub-clinical health conditions. Most people have latent health conditions. These may be chronic infections, tumors, tissue weaknesses or other conditions that are so small or mild they are not revealed on standard medical tests. However, they are important if one is to prevent health problems later in life.  Nutritional balancing science can and does always address these hidden conditions. Often the only evidence of their existence is a significant shift on a hair mineral retest after a person has been on a nutritional balancing program for several months. Once again, through the retest it is possible to then adjust the nutritional balancing program to assist the body to heal these sub-clinical and latent conditions.
  6. Cost effectiveness. It is often a waste of money and effort to remain on a nutritional program that is not appropriate for one’s body chemistry. In fact, the wrong supplements, for example, can set one back instead of moving one forward on a healing path.
  7. Reassurance, guidance and feedback for practitioners. Retests provide a lot of reassurance for practitioners and patients alike. If no change occurs at all on a retest, for example, perhaps the patient is not following the diet, supplements and lifestyle correctly. Perhaps there is so much psychological or other stress that it is negating the benefits of the program and must be addressed. Rarely the cause is the program was not set up properly.


I suggest retesting every 4 to 6 months or so for as long as a person continues on a full nutritional balancing program. I often talk to clients who proudly tell me they have reordered their supplements for a year or more without a retest. I wonder how much time and money they probably wasted by not retesting.
If a person is on a small maintenance program or if the body chemistry is very stable, which is rare, then retests can be spread further apart, up to a year or even more between retests.

Most people need to stay on a nutritional balancing program for a number of years to really improve their health. Symptoms may disappear rapidly, but retesting is helpful to dig into deeper layers of adaptations and compensations in order to restore health at the deepest levels. This can take ten years or more for most adults.
In addition, if a person will remain on a nutritional balancing program for several years, the process I call spiritual development will begin to occur in all cases. This is the development of the subtle human bodies, which are really energy fields that can develop if one continues to detoxify the body and improve one’s health and lifestyle.

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