All Inclusive or Classic

“In today’s stressful and environmentally unsound world, I listen to Eva Vennari’s wisdom about nutrition from the inside out. Do your body a favor and check out S.E.L.F. Nutrition’s unique approach for healing yourself!” – Wendy T. – Culver City

All tests expire 4 months from completed consultation.

“Eva is absolutely amazing! ..most importantly she knows how to explain things in terms that we can all understand.  She is so positive and just AMAZING! She taught me how to make my own sauna at home…it doesn’t get more amazing than that! I highly recommend Eva of SELF Nutrition. You should definitely consider speaking to her on anything nutrition related. :)” – Laura K., Los Angeles

 Retest & Update

As your body chemistry changes, so do your program needs.   The retests are a vitaltool to track these changes as they occur so that adjustments to your program can keep you moving forward.  With a repeat hair analysis, your program will be updated and a consultation describing changes to your health and program will be provided.  Read more…



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