Beware, there are no long-term studies done on today’s vaccines before they are introduced and recommended by our public health authorities.

It’s a heated discussion between parents, school officials, and doctors; vaccinations – are they life-saving, or life-threatening?  The practice for using vaccines to prevent or cure a disease has been around for over 200 years.  Many think that as a result of administering them we have less disease.  Is that true or are we just better at general personal hygiene and nutrition?

Over 200 years ago Dr. Edward Jenner created the first successful vaccine for Smallpox.  Before that Smallpox was one the worst diseases of the day and the medicine community had little to offer in the way of a cure or preventive.

How did he do it?  Dr. Jenner injected pus into healthy human beings taken from cattle who had cowpox, a form of smallpox that affects only cattle.  When he did this he was able to protect some of those who were vaccinated against smallpox.  As a side note, the word vaccine derives from the word vaca, meaning cow in Spanish.

As word spread of the new vaccine idea, the world was astonished, just as we would be today if someone suddenly had a cure for cancer.  As a result, vaccination was accepted as a valid medical advance.

According to statistics, Smallpox, typhoid fever, diphtheria and polio have declined in the world.  What we are not told, however, is that vaccination had little to do with it. Meanwhile, new vaccines were developed for other conditions such as measles, hepatitis, chicken pox and many others, even though these are not usually life-threatening diseases.

It is becoming more commonly known that the vaccines have side effects.  Like so many medical drugs and procedures, vaccination is now creating much more horrible problems for thousands of people, especially children.  They range from fevers to, occasionally, death from the very disease the vaccine was designed to protect against.

2008 STUDY SHOWS NO BENEFIT FOR HEALTHY ADULTS OF FLU SHOTS (American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Med 2008;178:527-533)

In this recent study involving 704 people, it first appears that flu shots reduced death from respiratory illness a full 50%.  However, the researchers decided to check an important factor.

They corrected the data for what is called the “healthy user effect”.  This is an extremely important factor in some vaccinations that has not been taken into effect in previous studies.

The healthy user effect refers to the fact that some patients take generally better care of themselves.  They eat well, avoid smoking and drinking, take nutritional supplements and so forth.

When this group was excluded from the vaccine study, it turned out that the difference in the death rate from the flu between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups was 0.  In other words, if you take care of yourself, flu shots, according to this smaller study, had no benefit whatsoever.

Why would anyone need to receive vaccines if there are 0 benefits?

Vaccination can still protect people from some infectious diseases. However, adverse effects of vaccines are increasing.  Fifty years ago there were some 8-10 vaccines. Today, over 40 are recommended in some states.  A study by J.B. and S.M. McKinlay, show that the vaccine-related diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, smallpox and others were declining before vaccination came along.  Improved hygiene, better sanitation and better nutrition of the people are the likely factors in their decline. This has been shown to be the case in many nations since then.

The McKinley study indicated that vaccines accounted for only about 4% of the decline of several important diseases.  However, it can appear that vaccines were of more benefit because they came along about the same time that hygiene, sanitation and nutrition improved.

Vaccines side effects are well-known.  The following was taken from vaccine package inserts and other vaccine company information.  Your doctor is supposed to tell you about them.

 * HPV or Gardasil: Death reports are beginning to accumulate as this new vaccine is given to more and more teenage girls and even boys, and the vaccine only covers some strains of the virus, so it is not even fully effective, if it works at all.

* Polio Vaccine Side Effects: Contracting  polio from the vaccine, spreading the disease to others and Guillain-Barre syndrome.  (Guillain-Barre syndrome is a severe fever and nerve disease that did not exist prior to vaccination.)

* The “Safe” DaPT (formerly DPT-diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus): This is one of the worst, with many instances of high fevers, shock, convulsions and death.

* Smallpox: Gangrene, smallpox, encephalitis, liver, spleen, pancreas and kidney disorders, herpes and polio.

* HiB (Influenza): When given with the DPT, persistent crying, seizures, hives, asthma and kidney failure.

* MMR (measles, mumps, German measles): Contracting measles, seizures, Guillain-Barre syndrome, arthritis, autism, nerve deafness and death.

* Hepatitis B: Shock, arthritis, Guillain-Barre, bronchospasm, multiple sclerosis, herpes, and possible sudden infant death.

* Chickenpox: Seizures, fevers, death and contracting chickenpox (in 27% of cases), which can cause birth defects if it spreads to pregnant women.

* Flu Shots. Death: these can cause the flu in people who are healthy.  I know of a person who died as a result of getting the flu right after receiving her “flu shot” vaccine.

Until 1991, no centralized method existed to even report vaccine adverse effects.  According to the FDA, only about 10% of vaccine side effects are reported.  For example, in 1998, the National Vaccine Information Center did a survey of New York pediatric offices and found out that “only one in 40 doctors reports a death or an injury following vaccination.”  That is only a 2.5% reporting rate!

 Extremely toxic chemicals are always added to all vaccines.  They include mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, acetone, lead, cadmium and others.  Most often, they are not listed on the package insert.  However, they are needed as sanitizers, stabilizers and preservatives.

These additives are themselves deadly, especially for very young children. They impair and can destroy brain function, especially in young, quickly-growing children and infants. Some are toxic for the immune system, for the digestive system and for other body systems as well.  Mercury is probably the worst single offender in the vaccine tragedy now occurring all over the world where vaccination is practiced.  Well-known symptoms of mercury toxicity in young children include autism, ADHD, gut damage, visual disturbances, and delayed myelination of the nerves.  Other problems include thyroid disease, delayed development, learning disorders and even death.

You say, “Hey I heard some vaccines are now available without mercury?”  They might exist, however, many doctors and hospitals do not stock them.

Also, this is often a lie.  For example, those who have requested thimerisol-free vaccines are told incorrectly that they are receiving them, when, in fact, they are not.  Thimerisol-free can mean the vaccine just contains less mercury or an equally toxic substance.  Even most flu shots still contain 25 mcg of mercury as thimerisol.


It is believed the Gulf War Syndrome is a direct result of vaccination. This has taken the vitality and even the lives of many of our best young men and women.  Our troops received about 15 “experimental” vaccines.  Even those who were never deployed to the Middle East developed gulf war syndrome.  Troops from France, however, did not receive the experimental vaccines. They did not develop Gulf War syndrome, even though they fought against Saddam Hussein’s army with its possible use of chemical and biological weapons.

This would tend to rule out chemical weapons, depleted uranium or food-borne illness as causes of Gulf War Syndrome.  In spite of these facts, the American military vaccine program continues today.

Remember vaccination Is Not Immunization.  When vaccines are effective, they do not confer complete or “natural” immunity.  This is well-known, but hardly ever explained to parents and others. In fact, vaccines only confer an artificial, partial or temporary immunity.  The only way to obtain full immunity from an infectious illness is if one actually goes through the illness and recovers fully.

Do not allow yourself and your child to be bullied.  Anyone in America who does not wish to be vaccinated can still opt out – either on philosophical or on religious grounds.  You need not submit yourself or your children to the horror that is vaccination today.  Most schools have an opt out form.  All you have to do is ASK for it.  

Vaccines distract us from raising healthy children naturally.


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